Promise Day quotes | Beautiful 20+ Quotes on Promise Day |

Promises are required in any relationship. It is meant to be given in such a way that it must be self-aware and important, otherwise, it is of no use. The other person’s trust in you begins to wane. So whether it is love or friendship or family relationship, sometimes such a situation and time arises that you have to make a promise. Here are some thoughts on Promise Day that you will love.

Promises are not just words, they show your faith and loyalty.

Promises are very important when expressing love. A promise is an integral part of the love between two people.

Promises are important to make a relationship beautiful. Wise people use words very wisely when making promises. Once a promise is made, their action then confirms their promise.

It is essential that the bonds of love be connected for no reason, but the mind is promised and asked not to wander. Because the extreme moments of love are different from the mind and when such moments are different, the mind is revealed. So thoughts and feelings can be changed, for which the promise is essential.

The emotional mind is saddened by the loss. He cannot be tolerated, so he must be bound by the promise.

Only when there is tenderness and gentleness in speaking and acting do we have the courage to keep our word.

Love demands promise from a person while experience demands companionship from a person.

True love can never go away. Faith and promise are the basis of true love.

Never before in my life have I thought that the Word is so important. A promise is the essence of a complete existence, expressed through the utterance of a few words.

Never give a promise to yourself while living life and never ask for a promise from another while you are in love. The freedom of love is in not asking for a promise, but love begins with a promise.

Friendship, love, relationships are all dependent on the Words. Two people keep making promises and keep the company.

Not keeping a promise is a new thing .. because then we are endangering ourselves.

To speak, there is a promise otherwise there is no word…What is this love?

A gentle touch will continue..but it is not the goal of love. There is real fun in keeping promises.

Pros and cons are only as long as the person is alive. The word, however, is immortal.

Determined to try. Promised in that way that love is fulfilled!

Will is a promise made to oneself, while faith is a promise made in the mind of another.

We should both lose …
Sitting together in a relaxed time without saying anything …
Unexpressed dream, you and I must see …
Promise, your words should not be spoken and the same word should be kept in my eyes …

Forgetting is the passing of time .. a time that is spent in making promises ..

Words are a gift of language. So words are insufficient when expressing emotions. The eyes should be expressive. Promises of support must be given without words.