Heart touching quotes | Powerful Heart touching quotes on love and life |

Thoughts that touch the heart are always remembered. Their warmth comes from the depths of the mind. Even if the words are superficial, their awareness is enhanced by experience. We have been hearing such heart-pounding and heartfelt thoughts since childhood.

The thought that arises in the mind must evoke the emotions that the heart has acquired, otherwise, life cannot be beautiful.

The heart has to bear a little burden while living. Sometimes it is a burden of love and sometimes of hatred!

When the heart communicates with another heart, there is no need for words.

When the last evening comes, the folds of life do not unfold as they should, but the pain that occurs is beyond comprehension.

Yes .. I wanted life! Otherwise, how could he fulfill the resolve of desires and insatiable desires!

Accept yourself as you are .. that is the beginning of change.

How many people have gathered to love wholeheartedly? Everyone is looking for love. For this, they stand in the market. They think the body is something precious. The destruction of the body and the decaying mind are

Work is freedom! This idea must be understood mentally. The mind should be calm. Keep up the good work!

Before the heartbreaks ..
Before love ends ..
Before the hands go free ..
The melancholy mind she had understood then made it easy for her to reject me.

Relationships are permanent if we work with them carefully! It is better to have intercourse with someone until the heartbeat stops at some point!

When the word “I” comes up in your speech or thoughts, understand that you are arrogant.

Only by knowing the sensations of the heart through the steps of thought can something satisfaction come down to life.

My me and yours you .. that’s how our relationship is now. In the beginning, it was only superficial for me to talk about you and me.

Breathing should be stopped when dissatisfaction develops because then only the impulse to speak is shown. Heartfelt communication never happens.

Logic and love are conflicting concepts. What the intellect understands cannot rule the heart.

Either love with an emotional mind or live a rational life with thoughts without balancing feelings and thoughts!

Heartfelt awareness and tender love feel great at first. You can also gradually increase their awareness just by keeping a vision of existence beyond the body.

What happens is love and what is there is love otherwise how could a human being breathe?

If you feel a sense of openness, remember that you are in a relationship. How long are you going to live with arguments and quarrels?

I must be the same in life and behavior otherwise the conflict of thoughts does not leave a trail in life.