15+ Best Quotes of Jim Edwards

Today we are going to see some Best Quotes of Jim Edwards. Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist, speaker, and the author of an amazing program, “5 Steps To Getting Anything You Want

It will teach you how to quickly and easily harness the power of your mind to accomplish virtually any goal you set… FASTER than you ever dreamed possible! that’s why we collecting some thoughts of Jim Edwards for you.

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Famous Quote Life
“No meaningful accomplishments happen in anyone’s life until they link their thoughts with a PURPOSE, their own personal and meaningful reason WHY.”

Leadership Quotation
“STOP Following The Pack! (They’re Going The Wrong Way!)”

Education Quotation
“If you take a step back and think about it, you’ll realize that you can instantly tell the quality of someone’s life by the quality of their attitude. Bad Attitude = Horrible Life, Good Attitude = Average Life, Great Attitude = OUSTANDING Life. It doesn’t matter what you do… what your job… your education level… your parents… things that happened to you in the past — the attitude we carry between our ears every day determines our success or failure in life. Change your attitude… change your life. It’s that simple.”

Happiness Quotation
“Creation – not competition – holds the key to your happiness and success, not only in business, but in life.”

Funny Quotation
“Competition SUCKS! Competing against other people creates a struggle… and struggling leads to other negative feelings like anger, resentment, inferiority and worse! If you try to win through competing with others… ultimately, your bank balance will SUCK!”

Sad Quote
“If you spend your life avoiding anything that makes you uncomfortable, you actually steer yourself directly to the very thing you seek to avoid… a lifetime of discomfort and regret!”

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Success Quotation
“Your level of success and achievement in any area of life is in direct proportion to your ability and willingness to direct your thoughts into effective planning and organized action towards a specific goal combined with a strong reason WHY you’re doing it in the first place!”

Goal Quote
“Choosing to take consistent ACTION makes the difference between a wish and a goal! A ‘wish’ would be nice to have – if it isn’t too difficult. A ‘goal’ is something you choose to act upon daily with a plan and commitment – no matter what!”

Inspiration Quote
“Creativity makes you unique… uniqueness makes you indispensable… indispensable people have no competition!”

Positive Quotation
“Everything You Want Is Just On The Other Side Of The Frustration You Feel!”

Education Quote
“Everything that happens in my life has a purpose and it serves me!”

Inspirational Quotation
“Everything you achieve or fail to achieve in your life is the direct result of your own thoughts!”

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Change Quotation
“Whatever you think about on a consistent basis, good or bad, MUST become your reality. Change your thinking… change your reality!”

Leadership Quote
“NOTHING can stop a man or woman with a committed purpose to bring about a specific result… NOTHING!”

Motivational Quotation
“Thought (or lack of thought) leads to action (or inaction) which always leads to results.”

Life Quotation
“EVERYTHING you experience in your life, good or bad, first originates INSIDE of you in the form of your thoughts!”

Familiar Quotation
“Your mind is like a garden. You can cultivate your garden intelligently, or you can let it run wild and turn into a tangled mass of thorns and weeds… the choice is yours alone.”

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